It is a group of plugins for LMS that can realize futuristic video streaming delivery system using Azure Media Services.

High-performance video distribution of Azure Media Services used by global companies has become available in LMS.
It can also check the viewing history of the students, and grade them with it.
One video source corresponds with different kinds of devices like Windows®, Mac OS® X, iPad®, iPhone®, Android™ and
can play on all these devices.
Using optional plugin, subtitles can be created automatically from audio tracks, and the subtitles and chapters can be machine translated into many languages.
All the functions required for delivery of educational content can be used at low cost by the cloud.

Closed and Large-scale distribution

By using the content encryption function of Azure Media Services, you can restrict viewing the video to only those users who are already logged in to LMS.
In Azure Media Services, it also supports simultaneous viewing of millions of people.

One Source Multi Device

In Azure Media Services, contents can be generated automatically from one file of video format that corresponds to all kinds of devices like Windows, Mac OS, iPad, iPhone, Android and supports smooth viewing.

Automatic grading by viewing log

In collaboration with LMS, video playback rate and the number of times viewed can be automatically graded based on the video viewing log of the students.
Of course, even manual grading is supported.
You can also determine the fast-forward or skip by the students.

Automatic captioning using AI

By adding the subtitle management plug-in, subtitles can be automatically generated from the audio of the video using Azure Media Indexer.
You can automatically generate subtitles in Japanese, Chinese, English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Arabic, Russian.

Machine translation using AI

By adding the translation plugin, you can automatically translate subtitles and table of contents to dozens of languages with Microsoft Translator.
Since translated subtitles can be played back with video, you can easily provide content for foreign students.

Content protection

Video is played by streaming method, movies can not be downloaded.
Also, since you can set it so that it can not be played unless you log in to LMS, you can make it for only people to play it.

Easy to use

Just to install the plug-ins

If you have Azure subscription, you can easily start delivering advanced content just by installing plug-ins.
There is no need to invest in an expensive streaming server, pay-as-you-go as much as you use it.

All operations from LMS

All operations can be done from LMS. Anyone with the teacher role can upload videos, can easily combine movies and quizzes to create effective courses.
Also, video content can be shared with other teachers, it is also ideal for joint management of courses.
In addition, many management functions for site administrator operating, surrogate operation of teacher and changing owner of contents.

Automatic grading

The viewing history is saved in every second, and automatic grading can be done from that viewing history.

Easy to manage

Free from file conversion

The student uses several devices to view the contents. In Azure Media Services, contents can be generated automatically from one file of video format that corresponds not only with Windows, Mac, it can be played on iPad, iPhone, Android.
Videos with appropriate format can be played smoothly with the appropriate quality.

Easy to edit subtitles

With the optional subtitle management plug-in, subtitles can be generated automatically from audio of video.
Of course you can also edit subtitles from LMS, you can also download and upload in TTML format.
With the automatic translation plug-in, you can play back translated subtitles in multiple languages along with the movie.

Chapters management

When delivering lesson videos, attaching chapters makes it easier to access.
Chapter function is included in this product. Of course you can edit it with LMS.
With the automatic translation plug-in, you can also automatically translate chapters.

Product features

Supported browsers

Microsoft Internet Explorer® 11, Chrome™ 42 or later, Firefox® 43 or later, Safari® 9 or later, Chrome on Android 4.4 or later, Safari on iPhone6 or later / iPad2 or later are supported.
*Highly recommended to use the latest version

Compatible with various video formats

Compatible with multiple common video formats. You can use MPEG, WMV, AVI, MP4, QuickTime (Mac OS X), FLV (Flash Video) as video sources.
*Please refer here for further details.

Compatible with various types of server

It can be used even on the Azure cloud server, campus virtual infrastructure, VPS, on-premises, and the server which have internet access.


Plug-in supports Japanese and English.
Customization for other multilingual is possible according to your needs.

Sharing contents among teachers

Teachers can share their video contents within the same LMS.

Start from the least initial cost

You can start from $5,000 USD in the minimum configuration.
(Installation cost is separate, initial costs may vary depending on number of servers and provided functions)

Case study

Center for Engineering Education Development, Hokkaido University, Japan

introduced by Microsoft

Hyogo College Of Medicine, Japan

Kagawa University, Japan

Kochi University, Japan

Tokushima University, Japan

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